Oleg Ohredko: what UVO are waiting for applicants from the Crimea

Oleg Ohredko: what UVO are waiting for applicants from the Crimea

I am, in principle, happy for such students. Did – earned, you can still pass the module, also earned.

Pubs, without lectures and seminars, one semester, without external examination in physics, using the law of real gas, the Wheatstone bridge, etc.

The question arises. Why this semester course in physics, from which I will earn a little more, and why in general any «computer» faculty does not need this physics with such an approach. Just a profanation.

Another student, very responsible, sent the task from another very top free country. True, part-time. The same story. No one in the group at the 7th grade level knows physics. Dynamics of rotational motion of a solid, a problem with Steiner’s theorem (there is no theory of rotational motion of a solid at all, there are some electronic abstracts designed for at least 2 semesters of full-fledged general physics without an atom and a nucleus ). Then there are all sorts of jokes about wave optics and atomics.

In this case, the person wants to know what he is doing, the person is an adult. I explain, work, analyze, choose different sections in different textbooks, where I think it is better written. Thank you to our ZVO for the opportunity to spread butter on bread.

Now the conclusions. Either our very cool faculties / institutes in computer / network / software technology make physics a compulsory subject for external examination and, at least for a year, introduce a course in general physics, or you don’t have to pretend and tell the dynamics of solids and Wang equations. der Waals to students who do not know Newton’s second law.

I also have questions about mathematics, but let mathematicians write about it.

Mothers send their children to such specialties because they think that children will become CODERS, but they do not understand that it is a matter of courses for six months. If you want cool tanks (WoT), then nothing will happen without physics, and cool programmers will not take you.

The same with the automation of production processes. Dear faculties / institutes / HEIs – decide what you want, not pretend to give an engineering / basic education.

Refuse to desecrate physics in the curriculum. Otherwise, in 2-3 years, all entrants will go to 3-4 half-year intensive programming courses in private offices, and will have to close.

Yes, and normally the same principle of operation of networks (wired and wireless) at the physical (network physical) level is also difficult to explain without physics, I know, did.

Oh, and I’m a school teacher.

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What to do to school leaders during reputational crises, which have already become the norm

S. Bidenko: reputation plan for private schools

Author: Sergei Bidenko, educational producer, specialist in reputation management and crisis communications.

Reputational crises have become the norm for the fields of art, science and education. In this article we will talk about what to do to the leaders of such organizations and companies.

If 10 years ago reputational crises were associated mainly with oil companies that polluted continents and oceans, as well as with politicians, now reputational crises occur even with companies and organizations working in the fields of art, science and education. And this is a cruel reality that must be accepted.

During 2019 and in the first half of 2020, there were several reputational crises in the field of education in Ukraine. These include dismissal of teachers in unforeseen situations, expulsions of students for violating ethical rules that were not prescribed, financial claims of contractors, parental conflicts, even outside Viber groups, bullying of students and their parents by school administrations and a number of other scenarios. …

The key conclusion is that the participants in these situations were completely unprepared for the crisis. As a result – a lot of chaotic actions, messages, lack of competent communication and unemotional position, which always during the crisis allows you to not lose a sense of support. This all leads to mistakes that leave stains on the reputation for many years.

What is important to do at least for private schools, public organizations, associations, foundations in the fields of art, science, education, social services and services:

recognize that crises can happen to them and not be afraid of it; organize and conduct a communication strategic session. Identify stakeholders, principles of interaction with them and necessary communication actions; develop a list of reputational risks, determine how they can be prevented and how to act systematically in the event of a crisis; determine a communication plan for the formation / development of reputational capital. This is your «ozone layer», the thickness of which determines how long and how effectively the protection against external and internal attacks and unfriendly actions will work.

And, as the correct experience of some companies shows, your smartphone should have the phone numbers of a highly professional external lawyer and an experienced specialist in crisis communications. This is already one of the basic principles of business hygiene.




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A third of the country will definitely not go to school, and maybe more – children on their toes will study?

E. Stadny: teachers and schoolchildren cannot live like this

Author: Yegor Stadny, former Deputy Minister of Education and Science.

I have such a feeling of disgust from yesterday’s answers of the temporarily appointed Minister of Education. I couldn’t hold on like Ivanna Kobernyk.

I won’t even retell everything, you’ve probably seen it before.

I only have a question for Prime Minister Denis Shmygal: are you comfortable working with this? I understand that you did not select such a Minister of Education, but it was you who submitted him to the government. You said he was three months old. Maybe you shouldn’t wait that long? You see that you will not go through the budget process with him. From all that the acting mayor said yesterday, among insignificant ridicule and humiliation, only one thing sounded – the Ministry of Education and Science prepared a draft of amendments to the sixth resolution, apparently to supplement the articles on which the remnants of the educational subvention can be spent.

On September 3, the interim head of the Ministry of Education and Science said that changes had been prepared. Not on July 3 and not even on August 3. You all understand that the children have already gone to school. You understand that now the Ministry of Finance and other ministries have to agree on this project as a matter of urgency. After the changes there will be more purchases and deliveries. When will teachers and students receive support? In November? It’s about the timeliness of the solutions they offer you.

And have we somehow passed the phase of analysis and forecasting the impact of such a decision? Do you know why? Because it is not done now in the Ministry of Education and Science.

Shall we try to run ahead? What about the material and technical base, what about laptops and tablets for children, what about the Internet, what about educational materials – Mr. Prime Minister, all this is also bought for these remnants. Do you think that schools will be open for a long time? We will soon cross 3 thousand, in October we will cross 4 thousand a day. You have a third of the country will definitely not go to school, and maybe more. Will children learn on their fingers, take away computers and phones from their parents?