He recalled that the formula would be «» very cheap «», through the transfer request

He recalled that the formula would be «» very cheap «», through the transfer request

We have not made it. Never. I also want to say that I am convinced that Barça employees are honest people and have nothing to do with this unfortunate event. It is an act of bad faith. The third thing is that in the meeting that we had at six in the afternoon, I wanted to defend the idea of ​​defending the merger of the candidates. He had already advised that we had a short cushion to cut through. It is not true that we have not made the cut. I spoke with Minguella and interpreted that my colleagues would agree on that merger". And it continued: "My board of directors did not approve the union and we preferred to withdraw the candidacy. We prefer to stay outside. I told Freixa that we would not join forces. It has been a magnificent experience. We would like to have the opportunity in a future election to present our candidacy. The member will not be wrong, he will choose the best president and we will row in favor to help the club in this complex situation. It has been an honor", finished.

Ronald Araujo marks territory while waiting for Eric Garcia

Eric García, crazy about Barça … and about the European Championship

Rousaud also explained that he had conversations with Víctor Font to join forces and with Fernández Alà. In addition, he assured that "We will not support Toni Freixa. I have not decided who I will vote for yet".

On our cover today, Sunday, January 10, as the main theme, ‘Esto ya chuta’: Barça won and convinced Granada with a double from Messi and another from Griezmann. The team faces the Spanish Super Cup with a boost of morale and has Madrid within 3 points.


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Also in football, ‘frozen’: Real Madrid draws against Osasuna under the snow (Osasuna 0 – 0 Real Madrid) while, on the other hand, final sprint in the collection of signatures of the elections to the presidency of FC Barcelona. Likewise, outrage in the female Barça for the postponed match.

The Barça ‘storm’ vaccinates Granada in Los Cármenes

Filomena and Osasuna froze Real Madrid

To close our cover today, the storm Filomena also affects football (two suspended games).

Víctor Font, aspiring to the presidency of FC Barcelona, ​​visited the ‘La Sotana’ program this Monday to analyze the next elections at the Barça club. Among other issues, Font referred to Xavi Hernández’s ‘letter’ and was totally sure that the Egarense will train Barça if he wins the elections. So much so that he even dared to make a forceful promise. "If I win and Xavi does not come, I promise to pay the subscriptions of all the members from my pocket", said 1xbet movies 2019.


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Victor Font

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Font’s bold Xavi promise if he’s elected Barcelona president

And it is that in recent days the future of the Egarense has been discussed a lot, which has been unmarked from the electoral process, making it clear that his desire to dress as a Barça player does not depend on the candidate who wins, something that for some has weakened Font’s candidacy , who had based a large part of his speech on Xavi Hernández.

Previously, in El Partidazo de Cope, Font had already made it clear that for him Xavi has a key role in Messi’s continuity. "The best to convince Messi is Xavi. You know him perfectly well. Leo trusts Xavi’s abilities, I know. It will have a very important place in this process. Messi is irreplaceable"declared Font.

Salut will leave the last decision on whether or not to keep the elections to the presidency of FC Barcelona in the hands of the club itself, according to the Minister of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia Alba Vergés, the decision to maintain or not for Sunday, January 24, the holding the presidential elections after it was decided to extend the municipal confinement in Catalonia from January 17 to 24 after increasing the statistics on cases of Covid-19 coronavirus.

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Vergés pointed out that the decisive moment in this regard will be the meeting scheduled for this Friday between the current managers of the Barcelona entity, with the president of the Manager, Carles Tusquets, and the CEO Òscar Grau at the head, and those responsible for Procicat.

Rousaud agreed with Freixa but his team rejected the union

“They are scenarios that are not different, whether to talk about elections or to explain them to the public. They are the same scenarios, the same epidemiological situation that we comment here on Mondays and Thursdays at these press conferences. It is FC Barcelona who will have to make the decision and obviously that is what they have to do, knowing that tomorrow there is this technical meeting with them ”, said the minister.

Barça developed a protocol for weeks together with the Generalitat de Catalunya and the departments of Interior, Health and Esports to develop it on election day. It includes the preparation of up to ten different venues to facilitate the voting process.

Members may go to the facilities prepared in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Lleida, Girona, Tortosa, Andorra la Vella, Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca.

Freixa denies any kind of agreement with Rousaud

Confirmed the sanction to Messi for his tribute to Maradona


Jordi Farré presented the economic and sports program of his candidacy. He assured that he is "obsessed" with the collection of signatures and if the cut is passed, he will be president, he insisted on the signing of Neymar and sent a message to Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid, for his latest complaints. "You can have a face, but not so much"he exclaimed, with his usual forcefulness.


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Regarding the economic aspect, Farré assured that "we will do a very specific audit and ask for responsibilities if they arise", but he didn’t talk about picking up rugs, because "you only find crap".

"Espai Barça will not cost a cent of a euro to the club"

Farré, who was accompanied by Albert Villalta and Eduard Senties, and vice-president JosepTriadó also acted as moderator, insisted on carrying out the Espai Barça project, but without mortgages, but through financing from a concessionaire, and left a clear message : "It won’t cost the club a penny". It will be accompanied by the ‘Barcelona land dreams’ project with leisure and activities before and after the matches. There was talk of sustainability, even on the team coach.

Catalunya as a sponsor

Farré already proposed in 2015 the creation of the Barça brand and continues with his idea to generate "between 2,000 and 3,000 jobs" and renegotiate the contract with Nike. And they want to reach an agreement with the Catalunya brand for sponsorship. Another key aspect for income and that "the Camp Nou does not look like a neutral field" is the creation of a loyalty card, because "there are between 600 and 700 million culés around the world". In addition, a first team training session will be open one day a week. "I am concerned, but not alarmed. It is not true that the club is bankrupt, but the debt must be reduced", Farré assured.

About Messi, Neymar, Xavi …

In the sports field, he was accompanied by Joan Solé and Alexandra Bogunyà, of whom Farré said that "will raise the Champions that we need, that of women’s football".

La Masia must be the pillar of everything, accompanied by great signings. In this sense, he said that "Neymar’s predisposition is evident and is a way to excite Leo Messi. They want to play together". He recalled that the formula would be "very cheap", through the transfer request. And he added: "More and more I believe that Neymar was a hidden sale and that he did not want to leave".

Farré gave great importance to the figure of the sports director, yet to be revealed, of Xavi said that "A lot of pressure is being put on him, he has to come when there are no ex-teammates", so his technician is Ronald Koeman: "Keep calm, we cannot enter like a bulldozer".

Asked about Florentino Pérez’s statements, he broke out: "You can have a face, but not so much. It is very clear that Madrid receives arbitration aid, the thing at the hands of Ramos was a scandal".

Jordi Farré plans to reunite Messi and Neymar if he wins the elections

Farré: "We will eliminate the waiting list for the subscription"

Jordi Farré is, in his own words, "obsessed" with the collection of signatures and it is very clear. "If I pass the signatures, I will be the president of Barça. I do not have any doubt".

Laporta more Laporta than ever. The candidate for the Barcelona Football Club elections has decided to place a banner of his candidacy in Madrid. Laporta has chosen a building very close to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and the motto of the banner is «You want to see you again.»


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Joan Laporta has started this morning in Madrid a tour that will continue tomorrow through Andalusia (Malaga and Granada) that aims to address all the members of Barça that are located throughout the Spanish state. It did so after a banner 50 meters high by 20 meters wide was displayed in a 13-storey building located 100 meters from the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. A 1000 square meter canvas under the claim "want to see you again" with a great photograph of Joan Laporta.

This street marketing action, promoted by his candidacy, hopes to reach all the fans understanding the rivalry in a sympathetic and well-understood way, and at the same time, he wants to reach all football fans trying to get a smile from both sides. The canvas is located on Paseo de la Habana number 15, with the motto "Want to see you again ", and the two main reasons for the candidacy:" Estimem Barça" Y "Laporta president".