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5. I run an audience that is general service and never ask people to expose their ages.

5. I run an audience that is general service and never ask people to expose their ages.

(a) what the results are if a kid registers back at my solution and articles information that is personal (e.g., on a responses web web page) but will not expose their age anywhere?

The COPPA Rule just isn’t triggered in this scenario. The Rule pertains to an operator of a audience that is general if this has real knowledge that a specific visitor is a kid. Then the operator would not be deemed to have acquired “actual knowledge” under the Rule and would not be subject to the Rule’s requirements if a child posts personal information on a general audience site or service but does not reveal his age, and if the operator has no other information that would lead it to know that the visitor is a child.

(b) what are the results if a kid articles in a forum and announces her age?

If no body in your company is conscious of the post, you might not need the necessity real knowledge beneath the Rule. But, you might be thought to have real knowledge where a kid announces her age under particular circumstances, for instance, you to the post (e.g., a concerned parent who learns that his child is participating on your site) if you monitor your posts, if a responsible member of your organization sees the post, or if someone alerts.

1. Whenever do i need to get verifiable parental permission?

The Rule provides generally speaking that an operator must get verifiable consent that is parental gathering any information that is personal from a young child, unless the collection fits into one of several Rule’s exceptions described in several FAQs herein. Sigue leyendo